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6 Popular Ways of Consuming CBD in 2021

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Consuming CBD0: Cannabidiol (CBD) can be helpful to your health in different ways. According to research, CBD is capable of helping individuals with health issues, such as epilepsy, stress, and anxiety.

The sigma that used to revolve around CBD is also fading away. Though you cannot deny that most individuals are not 100% comfortable with smoking CBD products.

Regardless of this, the good news is that there are many ways to use CBD nowadays. CBD works very well in tackling all of the health conditions, and various CBD products are available on to cure your skin and health problems. Some of these methods include:

1.      Smoking

The most common method of consuming CBD is to roll it into a joint and then smoke it. You can smoke it in a bong or pipe. Bongs are available in a variety of styles and can be easily purchased from

Some individuals smoke cannabis in bubblers, which are basically small bongs. However, cannabis users are known for their ingenuity and creativity, particularly when they have run out of rolling papers. They may fashion pipes and bongs out of:

  • Pieces of fruit
  • Corn cobs
  • Soda cans or bottles

2.      Sprays

CBD sprays are actually tinctures inside the bottles. Normally, two or three squirts are all it needs to help you enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

The best thing about CBD sprays is that, apart from being inconspicuous, you can administer them around individuals who are opposed to your partaking.

3.      Pills

Pills are regarded as CBD capsules or Cannacaps. They are one of the popular ways of consuming cannabidiol. The benefit of these pills is that they are suitable even for an individual with respiratory disorders. Plus, they don’t affect respiratory tissues.

consuming CBD:: You can also use Cannacaps to treat different kinds of illnesses. One drawback of this method is that it will enter your digestive system and create an inference. The best way to minimize these risks is to consider an acute dosage.

4.      Edibles

Edibles are among the popular methods of consuming cannabidiol. They are also available in different products.

It is very common to see cannabis edibles in forms, such as baked goods or candy. Each product may have a dosage labeled clearly on the packaging.

You may find edibles in many marijuana stores. However, you need to use these products cautiously as they have a lasting and stronger effect than other ingestion methods.

5.      Vaping

Apart from smoking, you can consume CBD through vaporization. You can find a lot of products at stores, like Dr Dabber, to help you facilitate the vaping process. Some of these products include dabbing instruments, portable vapes, and stationary vaporizers.

From a health perspective, most studies comparing the major differences between vaping and smoking shows that there are many advantages linked to vaporization, including:

  • Decreased exposure to dangerous elements
  • More efficient extraction of cannabinoid

6.      Topical Creams

Using topical creams encompasses the absorption of marijuana through your skin. This can be through balms, topical creams, or patches. You can use topical creams to handle localized pain, like joint or arthritis pain. There are even specialized CBD soaps made to help you relax while you are taking a comfortable bath.

The Takeaway!

Regardless of how you choose to dice it, there is no perfect method to consume cannabidiol. As cannabis gains more popularity, many products are also emerging to allow you to indulge in a way that you find more convenient. Remember also to experiment with different consumption methods to determine the best way for your needs.


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