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6 Tips to Keep Cavities at Bay

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No one likes dealing with cavities. Thankfully, there are many things you could do to keep them at bay. We’ve discussed this below. Read ahead.

Limit Sugar Consumption

We all love sugar, but you should be mindful of how much of it you consume. The sugar would provide the bacteria in your mouth a lot of ammunition to turn into acid. What’s more, sugary foods get stuck to the teeth – bacteria would easily be able to cause cavities.

Sweet foods aren’t the only ones that get stuck. There are some savory foods that are sticky as well.

See the Dentist

Regularly visit the dentist. They would be able to see if there are any cavities forming or not. How often you would have to see them depends. However, at least 3-4 times a year is enough.

Be mindful of the dentist you visit. Some are better than others. Clinics like clinic in Vaughan are known to be great.

Getting you teeth cleaned would also keep cavities at bay. The dentist would try to remove as much plaque in your mouth as possible. Have your teeth cleaned at if you want quality service.

Even if you’ve been taking care of your teeth, you may be experiencing tooth decay. You’re not consuming enough fluoride. You need a professional to start you on fluoride treatment immediately.

Brush Your Teeth

Just like regularly going to the dentist would help keep your oral health in excellent condition, what would also help would be brushing your teeth. You’ll have to brush twice a day. Remember to do a good job at it.

What would also help would be flossing. It would get rid of anything that is stuck between grooves.

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Avoid Smoking

Cigarette smoke causes gum disease and multiple types of cancer. Unfortunately, it can cause your teeth to rot too. If you’re trying to quit, you may think about chewing tobacco instead. Although it would be a step in the right direction, it would still cause decay.

More Fluoride

Most people stay away from tap water. However, it can be good for you. Fluoride has been added to it. The chemical keeps tooth decay at bay. Most bottled water come with fluoride, but you’d specifically have to look for them. Speaking of the chemical, the toothpaste you use should be full of it too.

Including mouth wash into your dental routine is not necessary, but it would be smart. You would be able to flush out any food particles that are stuck between teeth. Also, mouth washes can be full of fluoride. You can increase the amount your teeth are getting by gargling it.

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Stop Snacking

It would be harder to get rid of the food stuck in grooves if you’re regularly snacking. Regularly snacking is also a bad idea, as it would lead to you gaining weight.

There are so many ways you cause keep cavities at bay. The best would be to regularly see the dentist. Remember to take care of your oral health as well.

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