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Addiction Recovery Write For Us Addiction Recovery, also known as the recovery approach or psychological recovery, treats mental illness or drug abuse by emphasizing and supporting a person’s ability to heal. Recovery rejects the sane-insane dichotomy, seeing symptoms as a continuation of the norm rather than an outlier. In this paradigm, recovery is viewed as a personal journey rather than a predetermined end, involving the development of hope, a solid basis and sense of self, supportive relationships, empowerment, social inclusion, coping skills, and purpose.

In 1993, William Anthony, Director of the Boston Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, came up with a charming description of mental health rehabilitation. “Recovery is a very personal, one-of-a-kind process of shifting one’s attitudes, beliefs, feelings, objectives, abilities, and roles. It’s a means of living a happy, joyous, and useful life despite the restrictions imposed by the disease. As one matures beyond the disastrous impacts of mental illness, recovery entails the creation of new meaning and purpose in one’s life.”

As deinstitutionalization resulted in more people living in the community, the notion was applied to mental health. It grew in popularity as a social movement due to a perception that services and society as a whole failed to effectively foster social inclusion, as well as research showing that many individuals do recover. A rehabilitation strategy has now been expressly embraced as the guiding concept of several nations and governments’ mental health and drug dependency programs. Although various hurdles, concerns, and critiques have been made by both service providers and care consumers, numerous practical initiatives are being done to establish services on a recovery paradigm.

Recovery has long been used in general medicine and psychiatry to refer to the conclusion of a particular experience or episode of sickness. The more extensive notion of “recovery” as a general philosophy and paradigm was initially popularized in substance abuse/drug addiction recovery, such as within twelve-step programs.

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