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Bachelor Tamil Movie Download In Kuttymovies

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Bachelor Tamil Movie Download In Kuttymovies

Sathish Selvakumar, a newcomer, wrote and directed the adult courtroom romance drama film Bachelor, which will be release in 2021 in India. The movie has G.V. Prakash Kumar as the antagonist for the first time and Divya Bharathi as the protagonist in her Tamil film debut. It was producing under the auspices of Axess Film Factory by G. Dillibabu.

Critics gave the movie mixed to excellent reviews, complimenting G.V. Prakash and Divya Bharathi’s acting. Still, they also criticized the film’s length, nearly 3 hours, and the writing of the second half. Nevertheless, the movie was a commercial success.

Details About Movie

Directed: Satish Selvakumar

Written: Satish Selvakumar, K M Rasheduzzaman Rafi

Produced: G. Dillibabu

Starring: Divya Bharathi, G. V. Prakash Kumar

Cinematography: Theni Eswar

Edited: San Lokesh

Music: Siddhu Kumar

Production company: Axess Film Factory

Distributed: Sakthi Film Factory, Sony LIV

Release date: 3 December 2021, India

Running time: 176 minutes

How To Watch Bachelor Tamil Movie Download In Kuttymovies

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The Storyline of Bachelor Tamil Movie Download In Kuttymovies

The Storyline of Bachelor Tamil Movie Download In Kuttymovies

The complications that arise when a very damaged man from a conservative upbringing enters a live-in relationship with a hot modern girl.


More About Bachelor Tamil Movie Download In Kuttymovies

In quest of work, Darling, a careless and selfish person, moves from his hometown of Coimbatore to Bengaluru. He settles into a run-down dorm with his brother’s friends, Bhagya, also known as “Bucks,” Arun, Prem, Shyam, and a few more. Exasperation is high among his housemates due to his constant amateurism and inadequacy in any endeavor. Regardless, they assist him in getting a job at the IT company where they are employed. Nimmi suffers harm from Darling’s carelessness while the two are out running errands in the evening. Nimmi apologizes by inviting Darling to their apartment, where he meets Subbulakshmi. His girlfriend Rumi, whose presence had been kept a secret from him, visits him as he recovers.

The Climax of Bachelor Tamil Movie Download In Kuttymovies

Manoj suggests that Darling pretend to be infertile to divert attention away from him when he is cornered; Darling reluctantly agrees. Without success, Darling’s buddies try to use bribery to get a bogus infertility certificate. The group eventually discovers a dubious “doctor” who can induce “temporary impotence.” Despite his reluctance, Darling consents to the procedure and is formally declared infertile. When Nimmi sees Darling after the case is decided in his favor, he reprimands him for being careless with Subbu and reveals that she chose to retain the unborn children because she loved him.

Rudran attempts to save the case by asking for a DNA test at the subsequent hearing, but Subbu decides to dismiss the issue before it fully develops since he has grown weary of Rudran’s dishonesty. Darling simultaneously asks her for forgiveness after experiencing a change of heart. Subbu mocks him, declaring that he is not deserving of pardon, and then turns and leaves. He is horrified when, as a final act of contempt, she flips him off before leaving.



Critics gave the movie poor to mixed reviews, appreciating the lead actor’s performances and music while criticizing the screenplay and length of the film. The Times of India’s M Suganth gave the movie three out of five stars and stated that it “is an often interesting, indulgent peep into the life of a damaged character.” Suganth commented, “[and] he does a pretty good job in conveying the obnoxiousness of this character,” in praising GV Prakash Kumar’s portrayal. Suganth criticized the editing and writing, saying, “Both the editing and the writing convey the impression of needing tighter concentration.

Review of Bachelor Tamil Movie Download In Kuttymovies

Good but with room for improvement

Bachelor’s emotionally charged romance drama is enjoyable, amusing, and occasionally downright tedious. The dark comedy in this film was decent at moments, but something is still missing.


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