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How PPC Marketing Works for Dentists

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Pay per click (PPC) is a productive marketing strategy for dentists. It can drive more website visits, calls, and traffic to local dental clinics when correctly set up and managed.

If you’re a dental professional, PPC is an effective way to reach your potential clients. Your ads will easily get to patients looking for expert dental opinions, services, promos, and products.

This article describes how PPC marketing will work for your dental practice. 

1. Speak to Your Prospects Across Marketing Funnels with PPC

PPC should be part of every dentist’s digital marketing arsenal. reports that this strategy is more beneficial than any other. It’s especially ideal if you want to improve traffic, establish more leads, and increase sales. 

With paid ads, you can provide what your prospective patients are looking for and help them get the best dental services that they deserve.

PPC ads are designed to work for clients in every marketing funnel stage. Your ads will be carefully crafted using the right keywords, engaging headlines, and impacting calls to action.

PPC ads will support your prospects from brand awareness to the time they sign up for your dental services. The PPC funnel segments your audience and considers their user intent. As such, you can create better and more effective paid ads strategies. 

Here are ways that PPC ads can help you focus on your clients as they journey through the marketing funnel.

Top of the Funnel Campaigns

Top-of-the-funnel strategies focus on making your prospects more aware of your dental brand. 

At the top of the funnel, strategies are about reaching potential clients that are still unaware of your services and products. Your goal is to lead people to your dental website and promote awareness of your brand using the following tactics.

  • Display ads. Global ads spending is expected to increase 8% in 2022, said Zenith in its 2021 Advertising Expenditure Forecasts report. Display ads are the most effective. As such, dentists can use topic targeting for their display ads to appear on Display Network pagers or YouTube content related to their topics. 
  • Social media ads. Dentists may use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to target the audience according to interest, topics, location, age group, etc.
  • Video ads. Using platforms like YouTube is one way to promote brand awareness. Dentists can try interest targeting with ads featured during in-stream, bumper ads, and ads through video discovery.
  • Search ads. At the top of the funnel, customers will likely use non-branded keywords to look for your dental website, practice, or business. Therefore, dentists should craft paid ads using specific sales funnel keywords.
  • Shopping ads. These ads show detailed information about your services and products. You must use general, low-converting search terms and negative keywords to keep your ad from being triggered by specific words or phrases. As such, you can focus on keywords that your target clients use.

Middle of the Funnel Ad Campaigns

Clients at the middle of the funnel show interest in your dental services and products and are close to considering your practice. They understand that they need your services and are interested in learning more about your business.

  • Display ads. Dental ads must align with your client’s interests and dental habits based on how they interact with your site.
  • Video ads. A good video ads sequence campaign can promote a deeper awareness of your services, products, or offers.
  • Soft remarketing ads. Customize your ads to cater to people who have visited your website. You may remarket video ads and blogs or use Google Analytics to create ads for people who have spent a minimum amount of time on your website.

Bottom of the Funnel Campaigns

At the bottom of the funnel is where you give everything you got. Customers at this level show the most interest in your products or services.

  • Branded search ads. Clients are now aware of your services and products and are ready to take action with your product, brand, or service part of their search inquiries. Add your brand name to your ads to lure prospects, leading them directly to your offers. 
  • Search ads with high intent. Search ads are the top strategies at this level. SEO with search ads campaigns will ensure that your dental practice is top of SERPs.
  • Shopping ad campaigns. At this level, you may use your brand and any specific terms related to your business or expertise.
  • Hard remarketing. Dentists must concentrate on dynamic remarketing and create ads depending on how close a prospect came to ordering the products and services they offer.

Considering the sales funnel creates better and more effective dental paid ads campaigns. Understanding prospects in the different sales funnel stages is crucial in every marketing strategy.

2. Get Full Control Over Your Budget and Campaign

PPC works for dentists who are looking for cost-efficient marketing strategies. You will only pay when a user clicks on your ad and reaches your site, a good value for your money. PPC gives you complete control over your budget and allows you to spend as little or as much as you want.

Aside from your paid ads budget, you’ll have complete control over your campaign as you can change factors like keywords, ad spending, messaging, bidding, and much more. Your programs may also be expanded, paused, or stopped at any time. 

By partnering with a reliable PPC agency, you can rest assured that your paid ads campaigns are working hard to gather leads and serve your prospects at every level of the sales funnel.

3. Enjoy Fast Results from PPC 

PPC can produce faster results than other digital marketing strategies. Your ads will appear on top of organic rankings, so your prospective patients can quickly notice them before they scroll to check different results. You can set your PPC ads up and running in just a few minutes. As such, you can generate warmer leads immediately.

Marketers use PPC ads to test competitor keyword campaigns, broad match keywords, search ad dynamics, audience targeting with demographic data, and brand awareness.

In a tight industry such as the dental industry, PPC advertising can promote your business and keep it competitive. You can easily overtake your competitors and be in front of your target clients.

Final Words

PPC is a helpful, cost-effective, and reliable tool to promote dental practices, services, clinics, and products. With paid ads, dentists can guide prospects through the different stages of the sales funnel and significantly improve conversions. A trusted and experienced PPC agency can immediately help you get started with paid advertising. 

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