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How Do You Tame A Temper? And How to Control Your Anger

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We all get angry or temper from time to time; after all, anger is a normal human reaction. It could trigger by a car interrupting you, a person muttering a rude comment or even something you did to yourself, like spilling a cup of coffee. These little moments of frustration are almost inevitable in everyday life. But did you know that dealing with this anger can affect our health?

How Anger Affects The Body

The body has an integrated “fight or flight” stress response, in which it decides what to do in a threatening or harmful situation. When we get angry about something, a similar reaction occurs. Our bodies respond to stress by releasing hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. ee nagaraniki emaindi full movie download 480p Although this releases a blast of energy through the body, it can actually have a negative impact on our health. These stress hormones cause your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate to rise. Over time, all of this stress takes a toll on our blood vessels, which can lead to a higher rate of heart disease and strokes.

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Minimize Anger

A New Year is the perfect time to control our anger. Despite those pesky little everyday moments, there are many ways to deal with this anger in a positive way.

· Think Before You Talk

The first and most central step is to express anger healthily. We have all said things in the heat of the moment that we later regret. Try taking a few deep breaths and comforting yourself before expressing your feelings.

· To Exercise

All of these stress hormones flowing through our bodies can cause confusing reactions. It’s easy to get into that adrenaline-fueled surge of energy when we’re angry. So try to harness this energy by doing a physical activity like walking or running to calm yourself down.

· Take A Break

Sometimes when you are angry, it is best to step away from the situation and try to relax. Close your eyes and visualize or thing a peaceful environment. Take a few deep, rhythmic breaths. Once our feelings calm down, our bodies will follow suit.

· Focus On Finding A Solution

Instead of focusing on what made you temper or angry, focus on how to fix the problem. If it’s a problem with someone else, speak constructively about your issues without your emotions getting in your way. Of course, we all let our emotions influence our decisions, but when we are angry, it is essential to try to think clearly and to make decisions based on logic.

· Have No Grudge

It is not decent for our body to keep all these negative feelings in bottles. Remember, it is not realistic for someone to behave precisely the way you want at all times. Forget the little things that may be bothering you right now. Ask yourself: “Will I remember this moment in 5 hours? In 5 months? Or even in 5 years? “Forgiving someone or letting go of those annoying annoyances can be very cathartic and good for our body.

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· Know When To Seek Help

It is not easy to learn to control our anger. As we move in and out of different phases of our life, we need to adjust the way we deal with different triggers and types of problems that can cause problems. Sometimes this can be overwhelming and we need help controlling our anger, and that’s perfectly fine. Remember that dealing with our anger affects not only our body but also everyone around us. It is far better to get help from a professional or a support group than to continue to hurt your loved ones by saying or doing things in uncontrollable anger.

Being aware of our angry feelings and engaging in some of the behaviours described above are significant steps towards tame our anger once and for all and lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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