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How to Tell When Assisted Living is the Right Next Step

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Assisted Living : When you’re young, it’s hard to imagine there will ever be a day when your parents age, their health deteriorates and they are not as independent as they once were. It’s only naturally to see your parents as a source of strength. But as they reach their golden years, commonly, they may develop various health issues, with some being more pronounced than others and perhaps even negatively affecting their daily lives. You may now be at the point where you’re wondering if assisted living is the best plan.

Here we’ll take a look at some common signs to watch for that may indicate it’s time to have that conversation with your parent and consider moving them to an assisted living facility.

They Have Suffered Several Falls or Accidents as of Late

Here’s one of the most common red flags that families can watch for and that’s a recent fall or accident. It may be just one that has left them unable to care for themselves properly and be mobile, or it could be that they are falling on a more regular basis. Either of these is cause for concern, especially if they are living on their own. You don’t want to imagine them having a fall and lying there helpless.Should your parent live in a multi-level house, the stairs may be too dangerous for them, and they may be confined to just one floor.

They Are Having a Hard Time with Medication Management

If your parent requires medication daily but has a hard time remembering to take it, this is another cause for concern. Medication management is extremely important and it’s one of the services that facilities such as McKnight Place assisted living offer to residents. Knowing that your parent will get all their medications on time, and the proper dosage, will provide peace of mind.

They Are Unable to Cook Meals

You also want to be sure that your parent is eating a healthy well-balanced diet. If they find cooking too difficult, they may skip meals or choose items that are easy to cook but not necessarily good for them. Your parent may not be forthcoming about this issue and may not think it’s a big deal. If you notice them losing weight, it would be wise to talk to them about their diet. It’s about more than just cooking too; it’s also about being able to go to the grocery store and picking up the necessary items.

They Are Forgetful

While everyone can be forgetful from time to time, if you start to notice it is a more regular occurrence with your parent, assisted living could be a wise choice. They may even display this as erratic behavior, the inability to keep their house clean and organized, or neglecting their appearance.

You Know Your Parent Best

At the end of the day, you know your parent best and if they are starting to display signs that make you worried for their health and well-being, it’s best to talk to them and their doctor to discuss if assisted living may be a good option.

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