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Rainbow Six Siege Name Checker

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Rainbow Six Siege Name Checker

Rainbow Six Siege Name Checker An enterprising soul has created a nifty Rainbow Six Siege tool to help you find out if your desired username is available. This can be useful because Rainbow Six Siege Name Checker Ubisoft doesn’t allow you to browse usernames without reserving one. Being outclassed in Rainbow Six Siege is bad enough, but owning and having a dodgy name is unthinkable.

Currently, this tool is only available for PC and Uplay users, and there are no details if the creator of the TabStats tool will change this soon. Rainbow Six Siege Name Checker It should also be noted that usernames are not case sensitive and do not support special characters. It would also be helpful to consider that Ubisoft might reject the username due to its format.

There are also more tools on the way. Tabstats is working on a mouse sensitivity converter so you can switch from Rainbow Six Siege to Apex Legends, Valiant, or Rainbow Six Siege Name Checker Warzone while maintaining your preferred sensitivity. While some games give you training grounds, others put you in the thick of the action. No one wants to worry about their aim when Lord Tachanka is on the hunt.

Reporting a player in Rainbow Six: Siege

Report a player in-game

  • During a game, open the scoreboard.
  • Select the player that you would like to report.
  • Choose Report Toxic Behaviour.

You should receive a confirmation message on the top-right corner of your screen.

You can also follow the same steps during matchmaking or on the final scoreboard screen.

If your report results in a sanction, you will receive a notification in-game.

Report a player to customer support

To report a player to us, please make sure you attach evidence of the accusation.

Videos, screenshots, or any other information that identifies the player and highlights violations of the Code of Conduct will help us investigate.

We are unable to share the details of our investigation with you. However, we do thoroughly investigate all reports and are committed to making Ubisoft spaces safe for everyone.

Selecting data centres manually in Rainbow Six: Siege (PC)

To manually select your data centre:

  • Open the File Explorer.
  • Navigate to C:\Users\<User>\Documents\My Games\Rainbow Six – Siege\UbisoftConnectID.

UbisoftConnectID is a long alphanumeric string unique to your Ubisoft account.

You will see multiple folders if you have played on more than one account.

  • Delete the folders and start the game from your account.

You should now see a single folder for your account containing a default GameSettings.ini file.

  • Right-click the GameSettings.ini file.
  • Choose Open with and select Notepad.

You will see a list of game settings.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the document.

You will see the following:


;Datacentre =>

;    default (ping based)

;    eastus

;    centralus

;    southcentralus

;    westus

;    brazilsouth

;    northeurope

;    westeurope

;    southafricanorth

;  eastasia

;    southeastasia

;    australiaeast

;    australiasoutheast

;    japaneast

;    uaenorth


All lines with a semicolon in front are a list of the possible datacentre choices.

The bottom line (DataCenterHint=default) is the selection currently set to default, which means the datacentre will be chosen automatically.

  • Change default selection to the datacentre of your choosing.

For example: DataCenterHint=playfab/westeurope (West Europe) or DataCenterHint=playfab/centralus (Central US).

  • Save the file, then start the game.
  • Once in the game, press F10 or click the gear icon in the top-right corner.

Below the options, you will see the currently selected data centre, your ping to its right, and your NAT type.


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