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Robert Kannada Movie Download

Robert Kannada Movie Download Along with that, the action thriller has now joined the list of movies that have been leaked online. Here, Robert was revealed on Telegram and other hack-based websites. Unfortunately, with the sudden leak, there’s a good chance the movie’s box office will take a hit.

The movie received a positive response from all corners, especially for Darshan’s dual avatar, impeccable acting skills and action sequences.

Supported by Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda under his production company Umapathy Films, Robert’s Kannada and Telugu trailer was recently released on the special occasion of Darshan’s 44th anniversary (February 16). Notably, Robert Kannada Movie Download the film release in Telugu states (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) under the same title. With the massive response, Telugu audiences who are fans of action movies are quite impressed with Challenging Star’s action thriller.

About The Robert Kannada Movie

Directed by Tharun Sudhir

Written by Tharun Sudhir

Produced by Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda

Starring Darshan

Jagapathi Babu

Vinod Prabhakar

Asha Bhat

Ravi Kishan


  1. Ravi Shankar [1]

Cinematography Sudhakar S Raj

Edited by K M Prakash

Music by


  1. Harikrishna


Arjun Janya



Umapathy Films

Distributed by Umapathy Films

Release date

11 March 2021

Running time 166 minutes

Country India

Language Kannada

Box office 102 crore

Robert Kannada Movie Download – Story

Considered an impressive blend of thrills, drama and action, the film is written and directed by Chowka Tharun Sudhir. Interestingly, Jagapathi Babu tries out for the villain role in the movie, which features a cast that includes Ravi Kishan, Asha Bhat, Devaraj, P Ravi Shankar, Robert Kannada Movie Download Vinod Prabhakar, Avinash, and Sonal Monteiro in key roles. V Harikrishna and Arjun Janya composed the music for the film, and the songs are already chart hits. Sudhakar S Raj shot the camera for Robert while KM Prakash did the editing.

Robert is a 2021 Indian Kannada-language masala film written and directed by Tharun Sudhir and produced by Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda under the banner of Umapathy Films. The film stars Darshan, Vinod Prabhakar, Jagapathi Babu, Ravi Kishan, newcomer Asha Bhat, Devaraj and P. Ravi Shankar. V. Harikrishna and Arjun Janya composed the soundtrack. Robert Kannada Movie Download Cinematography and editing handle by Sudhakar S Raj and KM Prakash, respectively. The film release in theatres on March 11, 2021.

Robert Kannada

More about Robert Movie

Robert opened to mixed reviews from audiences and critics. The visuals, production design, and direction praise, but the film’s plot, cliched characterization, script, and soundtrack criticize.

Raghava lives in Lucknow with his son Arjun and is the head chef of a Brahmin catering business, where he assists his supplier Amrutha’s daughter in a catering job and soon falls in love with him for his honesty. Meanwhile, Robert Kannada Movie Download Balaram Tripathi, a former minister, swears revenge on Raghav for two reasons: Balaram had planned an assassination attempt on ministerial candidate Omkar Shukla, but Raghava saved him. Tripathi had arranged the marriage of his son Kishan to the central minister’s daughter for political purposes, but Raghava and Arjun ruined it.

Robert Kannada Movie Download

Tripathi brings Raghava and tells his henchman to finish him off, but Raghava violently kills them all as well as Tripathi. And also, kishan enlists crime boss Sarkar’s help to kill Raghava and sends men to finish him off. But Raghava kills them, and Sarkar shock to see Raghava and reveals that Raghava is Robert and Arjun is not his son. Meanwhile, Robert Kannada Movie Download Amrutha also confronts Raghava about his past. Therefore, years ago in Mangalore, Robert and Raghava worked for Sarkar’s older brother, Nanabhai, who had moved away. Robert helps Raghava and Thanu express their love for their parents, who refuse but later accept their relationship. And also, they get married and have a son Arjun.

Meanwhile, Robert and Raghava discover that Nana’s son Cherry engage in human trafficking and kill him despite Nana’s request. While celebrating Arjun’s birthday, Nana’s gang attack by unknown forces and kills Thanu. Moreover, depressed over Thanu’s death and worried about Arjun’s future. In addition, raghava becomes a police approver by exposing Nana’s crimes. And also, raghava finds out that Nana planned the meeting and arrives at Robert’s lair, where he believes Robert is behind Nana’s plan. The two fight. However, Nana kills Thanu’s parents and throws a dead Raghava, Robert and a baby Arjun into a shipping container that drowns in the sea. Still, Robert and Arjun survive and escape from the drowned container. But Raghava dies, and Robert promises to raise Arjun without violence.


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