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Science Backed Tips For Faster Gym Results

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Regarding your fitness routine, the time you spend breaking the sweat is not as important as planning. When you know what to do before a workout, it becomes easy to tweak your routine, so you impact your results and progress. The workout is the easiest part of the entire process. Some things matter most, like good nutrition and quality sleep. The pre game and post-gym workout rituals will also ensure you recover properly.

Find below tips on how to get faster gym results


It’s essential to hydrate yourself before a workout session. The amount of water you take in depends on your weight, sex, age, but the thumb rule is 20 ounces or half a liter before hitting the gym. You’ve to be careful that you don’t drink an amount that will make you feel bloated. It can be quite discomfiting. Water plays out a crucial role in a fitness program. As you do the workouts, you’re losing lots of water, and therefore you must ensure the body is adequately hydrated. Again, keeping hydrated ensures your energy levels are well maintained.

Just like a car cannot run without gas or fuel, the same way the body can’t run without water. You need to have it with you before, during, and after the workout.

Get a Snack

If you feel okay before you begin your workout sessions, you don’t have to force food down the throat. But after sometime, if you feel like you’re running out of energy, feel free to ‘fuel’ your body. Ensure you’ve got a piece of toast with almond butter to get you going. It’s tricky to balance being full and empty, but be natural and take enough to run you through the sessions.

Wear the right clothes and footwear

Stretch it out after

After a workout, you should cool down and reset. The cooldown allows your body to go back to the resting position so that you walk out the same way you came to the gym. Stretching helps in joint mobility, which is the opposite of the stretches you do during a warm-up. After the workout, you should hold your stretches for at least 15 seconds each. Muscles are best stretched when warm, and thus, you don’t want to go resting immediately after a rigorous exercise. That will ensure quick recovery, and you can go back to your everyday life.

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Using a Foam Roller

Experts believe that foam rolling will help you recover from workouts and increase your range of motion. Again, to keep off the post-workout soreness caused by high blood flow to the tissues, regular foam rolling helps speed up recovery.

Post-workout Nutrition

You may have had a snack before the exercise, but post-refueling is necessary. After that tough workout session, your body longs for carbohydrates and proteins, which help replenish glycogen stores. It’s, therefore, essential that you give your body the nutrition needed for recovery.

There’s also a danger with not taking something after the exercise; you could have a ravenous feeling after. You don’t want to be hungry and tired. To make it easy, pack a post-workout snack in your bag. If you’re in a reputable central Florida gym that offers such, you can order your shake ahead of time.

Fitness is a lifestyle that doesn’t begin or end with the actual workout. A lot is involved for perfect results. The preparation, what you do during and after the gym workout is essential.

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