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Sticky Problems: How to Get Rid of the Chewing Gum from Your Hair

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Chewing your favorite gum may be one of the most satisfying ways to relax. But sometimes, the bubble gum might pop suddenly and may end up sticking to your hair. There is no need to panic, for you can still get that sticky piece of gum from your hair without using the best shampoo for hair growth or chopping those strands. Check out some easy gum-removal hacks for your hair.

5 Clever Hacks to Remove Gum from Your Hair

Check out five simple yet awesome hair hacks for removing that annoying gum on your hair.

1. Freeze that gum!

Before, people have thought that removing gum would never be easy. While it may be partially true because of its sticky and stretchy surface, there are still some hair hacks that you can do to scrape gum. One of the age-old remedies for removing gum on your hair is freezing. This method allows the gum to harden, making it a lot easier to peel off. You can do that by rubbing some ice cubes on the affected area until the gum totally toughens.

2. Make use of your hair oils.

Hair oils can do more than moisturizing your tresses. As a matter of fact, you can use your favorite essential oils to remove gum. They can break down the gum particles responsible for the sticky texture and softening it for easy elimination. If you have olive oil or coconut oil in your kitchen, then you can save your beloved hair from all the distress caused by chewing gums.

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3. Slather some peanut butter.

If you don’t have any essential oil to use for the gum removal, you may use a kitchen favorite – peanut butter. It is packed with natural oils from peanuts that can get rid of the gum on your hair. The peanut butter oils are also hydrophobic, which means the oils can attract the gum easily since they don’t dissolve in liquid water.

4. Rinse your hair with white vinegar.

This hair hack might not be the most pleasant to the nose, but using vinegar to remove gum on hair is effective. The vinegar’s components help soften the sticky bonds between the gum and your cuticles, making it easy-peasy to remove the rubbery substance. Start this technique by warming the white vinegar in a microwave oven. After that, slowly pour the white vinegar onto the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the gum has started loosening, scrape it gently. Don’t forget to wash your hair immediately after the gum removal, and always be careful when handling vinegar, for it may burn your eyes and skin if poured carelessly.

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5. Spread mayonnaise onto your hair.

Mayonnaise is another creamy food product that you can find in households. This salad dressing or sandwich spread is very high in oil content since it is made from refined oils, making it another potential yet cheap ingredient for chewing gum removal. All you have to do is spread some mayonnaise on the sticky substance and massage all the way until the rubbery gum starts loosening its grip. Wash your hair after the removal to eliminate the pungent smell of mayo on your hair.

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Shampoo Your Hair After Removing the Chewing Gum.

Don’t let your favorite gum ruin your locks. These hair hacks are not only effective, but the ingredients that you use, mostly kitchen staples, are accessible anywhere in your house. However, those products are not intended for hair application, so you have to wash them off to prevent damaging your locks. Therefore, use a mild shampoo to cleanse your hair and scalp after the gum removal to keep your hair look as good as new.

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