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Virtual Medical Scribe: 3 Key Benefits Over a Regular Medical Scribe

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A big part of a doctor’s job is to record necessary information and notes from their meetings with patients. To take some of this work off of their plates, many doctors will enlist the help of a medical scribe. This is someone who will record and write down the conversation and meeting between doctor and patient, to ensure all information is recorded and not missed in case it is needed later.

While many doctors will have a medical scribe in their office, a better option in many cases is a remote medical scribe. This article is going to go over a few of the many reasons why a virtual medical scribe is generally the better way to go.

It Can Make Patients More Comfortable

It Can Make Patients More Comfortable

One of the main reasons why people avoid going to the doctor is that they are uncomfortable or scared. Many people find it uneasy to talk with doctors about their most intimate details, and this is made no easier by having someone else in the office recording what they are talking about.

Having another person in the office feverishly writing down everything they’re saying can be jarring, and may make people incredibly uncomfortable. It could lead to them leaving details out, or ignoring the doctor’s office in the first place.

But by having a virtual scribe, the doctor will still get all of the important information, without someone being present in the office and making patients even more uncomfortable.

Virtual Scribes Save Space

Another huge benefit of a virtual medical scribe is that they can save a lot of space. Many doctor’s offices are quite small as it is with two people inside them, and adding a third can be a tight squeeze. Not only will the person need to be present, but they will likely need a desk, chair, computer, and other things that take up valuable space.

The extra space savings can allow doctors to bring in new equipment, pay more attention to the design of their office, or may even allow them to downsize to a smaller location and save money.

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They Are Cost-Effective

Another benefit of a virtual medical scribe over a physical one is that they are cost-effective. Many medical practices can have high overhead costs that can eat away at the potential profit they make. Among the biggest is staffing. Not only do you need to pay salaries, but also provide necessary equipment and amenities to keep them happy and engaged.

By working with a virtual medical scribe, many are freelancers or contract workers, so you don’t often need to worry about going through a lengthy and expensive hiring process, or worrying about things like benefits, in some cases.

Also, if you outsource abroad, there is a great chance you can get a quality worker for a much more affordable cost than you would for a physical medical scribe.

As you can see, there are many benefits over a virtual medical scribe than a physical one.

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