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What Size Of Hockey Shin Pads Do I Need?

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Hockey shin pads or shin guards are designed to defend a player’s lower legs or knees from hockey sticks or flying pucks. However, these shin pads will not be of much help if they do not fit you properly. They may also feel uncomfortable and prevent you from performing as well. Hockey is known to be a fast game.

Pucks are shot across the rink and may come at the players fast and hard. Hockey sticks are moving left, right and center, and if the player is not well protected, he or she may get seriously injured. To be protected, a player needs to wear proper gear. To be well protected, a player needs to wear proper gear that fits perfectly. So, how do you determine what size shin pads would be perfect for you?

Hockey Shin Pad Sizing Chart

A good way to figure out what size will be best for you is to search up “Hockey Shin Guard Sizing Chart” on Google. This chart will provide you with the necessary measurements you need. Measure your body, too, so you can compare these numbers and find the best fit for you. Hockey shinpads are generally divided into three main categories; Youth, junior and senior.

The sizing chart will also tell you the length of the shin pad in inches, from your knee cap to ankle, as well as the height of the shin pad, in feet. It is also a good idea to check out the parts of a hockey shin pad, such as the shell and the inner lining, which will help you understand this article better.

Over and Under the Skate Tongue

To measure over the skate tongue, sit down at a 90^1/4 angle, and put your skates on. Leave one inch, and start measuring from the bottom of the top of the skate’s tongue to the middle of your knee cap. Note this measurement down, and compare it with the hockey shin pad sizing chart. If you want to measure under the skate tongue, sit at the same angle and start measuring from the top of the skate’s tongue to the middle of your knee cap.

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Checking if it fits

Once you decide on a hockey shin pad and want to buy it, it may be a good idea to try it on first. Strap it to your leg and make sure it is either over or under your stake tongue.

If it fits

If there are no visible gaps between the shin pad and your skate, it is a good fit. This will ensure maximum protection and coverage. Your knee should be touching the middle of the knee doughnut, and your leg should be fully mobile.

It is doesn’t fit

If there are gaps between your skate and the shin pads, chances are the shin pad is too small for you. This means it will not be able to protect you properly. This means you will be more prone to serious injuries.

You must figure out what size is right for you; otherwise, you risk getting seriously injured. Do your research before you buy a pair of shin pads and other gear for hockey. Always try on the gear before you purchase it, and test it out before you get into a hockey game to stay safe.

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