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Why is Employee Engagement Important to Company Success?

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Employee engagement is the most significant term, which has a different meaning. Some may say it relates to enthusiastic employees, while others say it means satisfied or happy employees. Engaged employees are a key to a successful business; if the workforce is engaged in their work results in better retention power, profit among more. It is very important that you give it your consideration by treating your employees in right way by regularly giving them trophies or some encouragements. Let us learn why employee engagement is very important and why you must consider the employee recognition awards ceremony.

Employee Engagement Improves Productivity 

Suppose your employees like their work & want to do really well, they will work harder. But, engaging employees is not about giving them the work that they enjoy but offering them a sense of purpose & fulfilling their passion. The employees would like to work for a company that has goals beyond the profit margins as well as with the people that they like. Just improving employee communication & connection through social technologies will improve productivity by around 20 to 25%.

The major motivator & driver of employee engagement is to know how roles contribute to the business strategy and goals. Suppose your employees feel their work has got meaning and are valued by the organization, then they will be inclined to work much harder. It is to your gain since business units with the engaged workforces outperform the competitors by around 202%.

Higher employee safety

Employee engagement is an important part of your business progress and connection that employees feel for the workplace and it will have a larger impact. The research has also shown that around 70% lesser safety incidents happen in the most engaged workplaces. Rather than worrying about if there is room for any advancement and whether the boss likes them, the engaged employees will focus on this task at their hand.

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Employee engagement improves customer satisfaction

Employees who are very passionate about the work are the best people that you can interact with the customers. Why? As this passion is infectious & customers may take note of it. Thus, customer will be treated to a better experience while dealing with the engaged employees. People who believe in the value of helping their customers, and feel valued by the organization are likely to deliver a much better customer experience & improved satisfaction. It is very important that you pay attention to your employee recognition and this will result in your company success and will reap higher profits.

Higher employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is a bit different than employee engagement. Employee satisfaction measures the minimum level, whereas engagement tries to get everybody to attain greater. But, this difference does not mean that satisfaction must not be the goal. Around 13% of the people dissatisfied with the current job. You may bet that will not be the case if such employees were already engaged.

Retain best people

The engaged employees invested and involved in the roles and therefore are less possible to leave the job. At times the best people are not engaged—and can risk losing them out. Keeping them highly engaged is important in keeping them at the organization to do their best work. Suppose your organization deals with low retention rates. Time that you think of why they not engaged and fast.

Employee engagement is very large, complex, and abstracts, the concept to focus alone. Saying you will “increase the employee engagement” does not offer direction, except maybe the direction toward frustration. For working toward the overall goal of improving employee engagement, you may focus and one at a time on specific drivers of employee engagement.

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