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CPAP Masks: Here’s Why Nasal Masks Are More Popular

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CPAP Masks: Sleep apnea can be a discomforting and dangerous illness. Not only does it make it harder to sleep, but the lack of oxygen can also add unnecessary stress to your heart, increasing your blood pressure. That’s why CPAP masks are such an important medical device.

CPAP masks come in many varieties, and in this article, we will examine one of the most popular ones, the nasal masks, and its many benefit.


Continue reading the article below to learn more about the DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask and similar products.

Adaptable To Fit Any Nose

As you can imagine, no two noses are identical; fortunately, most Nasal CPAP mask manufacturers design them to fit any nose. In fact, brands such as the Dreamwear nasal mask use a silicon frame to contrast the mask into any face shape.

Lightweight and Comfortable

One of the main reasons people choose nasal masks over full-face CPAP masks is their significantly lower weight. Many find full-face masks cumbersome to sleep with due to the weight it places on the users and the many points of contact on the face.

Side Sleepers Rejoice

Perhaps the single greatest feature of the Dreamwear nasal mask is the ability to let users sleep on their side while using the device. Because of their minimalist design and limited points of contact, side sleeping won’t dislodge the nasal CPAP mask, unlike the full face masks. So if you’re the type to sleep on the side or simply tend to move around a lot during bed, a nasal CPAP mask may be right for you.

Nasal Masks Fit Snugly

Brands, such as the Dreamwear nasal mask, offer multiple cushion and frame sizes for their product. Additionally, the silicone frame and cushion can adapt to any unique facial features, so every user can rest assured their mask will fit snugly.

Natural Airflow Through The Nose

Many CPAP users struggle to fall asleep with full-face masks because of the forced airflow they provide. Nasal CPAP masks provide natural and indirect airflow through the nose, so users can’t even tell they are being assisted in their breathing. This makes it a lot easier to forget the CPAP mask is even there.

Nasal Vs. Full Face CPAP Masks

While Nasal CPAP masks are great, there are some people who must opt for a full-face mask for special circumstances. For example, if you are a mouth breather, then a nasal CPAP mask won’t work for your sleep. Additionally, if you struggle with frequent sinus infections or are suffering from allergies, you won’t be able to use nasal CPAP masks. Fortunately, the same company that makes the Dreamwear nasal mask also designs full-face CPAP masks with maximum comfort in mind.

Sleep Better With a Nasal CPAP Mask

It is hard to underrate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, those who suffer from sleep apnea can struggle to get this basic necessity. With a nasal CPAP mask, you can get the proper airflow while still sleeping comfortably

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