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Bloodborne Pathogens Training: If you’re working in housekeeping, you know you need to expect the unexpected. Whether you’re cleaning a home, a hotel room, or a communal space, you just never know what you might come in contact with. That’s why cleaning services and bloodborne pathogens training certification go hand in hand.

If you’re going to stay safe or keep your crew safe, you need to know how to identify and avoid bloodborne pathogens.

Let’s take a look at what bloodborne pathogens training can do for people in the cleaning services industry.

A Government Requirement

As well as the obvious advantages of keeping safe, it is also a legal requirement to complete bloodborne pathogens training. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) set out standards for training. They require that people in certain occupations undertake bloodborne pathogen training.

This includes anyone who could come into contact with blood or other infectious materials in the course of their work. Materials and fluids that can harbor bloodborne pathogens include:

  • Human bodily fluids, such as semen, vaginal secretions, saliva, blood, and other fluids
  • Human tissues and organs

Cleaning services operate in all industries. Your work may bring you into medical settings. You may also encounter bodily fluids while cleaning a home or cleaning an office.

Why Cleaning Services Need Training

Cleaning services and bloodborne pathogens training are closely linked. That’s because, sadly, many people’s last consideration is the health of the cleaning crew.

Even when people know they have an infectious disease, they may not clean up after themselves. This is especially true if people have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Also, at times people are careless. They may toss a hypodermic needle into the trash without thinking. When the cleaner comes the next day to empty the trash, there’s a potential danger.


How Bloodborne Pathogens Training Protects You

Bloodborne pathogens training helps you to understand what bloodborne pathogens are. It looks at how they are transmitted from person to person. It also trains you in how to identify them and how to avoid them.

The training will also help you to understand the OSHA Universal Precautions and OSHA BBP Standards. You will learn what an exposure control plan is and how to follow it. You will learn the importance of engineering and work practice controls and accurate record keeping.

Bloodborne pathogens training will help you to face any situation with confidence. You will know the kind of protective equipment you need for each situation. You will be better able to assess situations and keep yourself safe.

Cleaning Services and Bloodborne Pathogens Training: The Bottom Line

The link between cleaning services and bloodborne pathogens training is clear. To be compliant with OSHA regulations and to keep yourself or your crew safe, you need to know how to avoid the risks.

Bloodborne pathogens training will help you to identify potential hazards. This will empower you to take the necessary precautions.

We provide affordable bloodborne pathogens training that will educate and protect you. This training can be purchased for individuals or groups.

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