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Signs That You Aren’t Washing Your Clothes Enough

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Throwing your clothes into the laundry as soon as you take them off keeps them fresh and clean-looking. However, some wash their clothes immediately because they have to use them again. Some instances lead to washing clothes quickly, resulting in bad quality laundry results.

If you do not have time to wash your clothes properly, it is best to send them to a laundry pickup and delivery service. Here are signs that your clothes are not washed well:

Unpleasant Odors

Clothes that are not washed highly enough develop unpleasant odors. Although you can wash some garments and casual clothes together after a few days, some clothes need to be washed immediately.

If you are fond of going to the gym or loves playing sports, it is best to wash your athleisure clothes right after wearing them. The body odor and sweats will develop into a strong, musty smell.

Bodily Oil and Sweat Stains

It is our body’s nature to secrete oils throughout the day. If you do not wash your clothes properly, these bodily oils and sweats accumulate, resulting in strong unpleasant odors. Sweat stains may develop under the arms or around the collar of your clothes. These are the parts where most bodily oils collect.

Unseen Germs and Microbes

Wearing clothes in public harbors germs, you can get rid of the germs by washing your clothes after each use. You may not see the germs and microbes building up on the surface of your clothes, but you and other people can smell the buildup. 

Itchy Rash and Other Skin Problems

As bodily oils, germs, and microbes begin to buildup on your clothes, it may lead to itchy skin rashes and other skin problems. In some cases, you get rashes or skin irritation when you use laundry detergents or fabric softeners with a harsh chemical ingredient. It becomes severe when you do not wash your clothes properly; the detergent residues make your skin irritated. 

But, you should not only be concerned about your clothes when having skin problems, there are other garments that touch your skin, like your bath towels and bed sheets. These items have to be washed at least 2 weeks for the bedsheets and after 5 uses of bath towels. 

Permanent Stains

Stained clothes have to be pre-treated immediately. Letting the stain sit for a longer time reduces the chance of removing the stain efficiently. Thus, if you do not want to wash your stained clothes immediately, it is best to pre-treat the stain and treat it right before having them washed.

If you wash your clothes regularly, it keeps the stain to a minimum and reduces the risk of the stain becoming a problem if you have unintentionally let the stain sit longer. 

If you are unsure about the proper ways of washing your clothes and making them smell fresh, visit a laundry service. Staffs at the laundry service know how to make sure each of your clothes or garments are properly taken care of. 

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