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Up Your Relaxation Factor

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Relaxation Factor: Are you a relaxation enthusiast? The term is almost contradictory, but if you are one, you know it. Those who understand something about how to truly relax tend to place high value on the benefits of mental and physical rest. Typical products that are popular with the demographic include things like footmassage machines, vaporizers, eye masks that cool the facial muscles, recordings that banish stress, and more. Fortunately, there are dozens of easytouse consumer products that help people boost their overall sense of calm, inner peace, and ability to feel completely rested. In no particular order, here are several of the top-selling items that people seek out to enhance their enjoyment of life and forget the everyday pressures of the world.

Cold Eye Masks

Eye and facial masks filled with frozen substances have been around for decades. But, thanks to recent breakthroughs in science, today’s masks are better than ever. Newer masks are lightweight, don’t slip off even if you fall asleep, and stay cold for hours. For some people, there’s no better way to de-stress from a long day on the job than with a cool eyemask session. Manufacturers tout the masks as a way to tone down headache pain, help induce sleep, and simply unwind. Results vary, so keep in mind that your own mileage may vary, as they say. However, most folks who try one session with a cold eye mask fall in love with the way the cool temperatures appear to melt away muscular tension in the face.


Total relaxation is a key component of the wellness puzzle, and vaporizers get the job done. In fact, if you stick to the top brands, vaporizers are one of the best investments you can make for the purpose of eliminating stress and pressure from everyday life. For those new to the product niche, a smart way to learn more is to view a representative collection of Storz & Bickel units that are available for direct purchase from online sellers. Because users have full control over the vape output and can choose from hundreds of soothing flavors, anyone aiming to relax can use vaping as an efficient way to do so. Plus, there are devices for every budget, there’s no learning curve for using the devices, and the satisfaction is instantaneous.

Foot Bath Machines

There are many benefits of regular hot tub use but not everyone has access to a full-blown hot tub experience on the regular. This is another item that is not new but has been completely revamped in recent years. The latest versions feature hot or cold-water modes, vibrating bottom panels, aromatherapy options, and remote temperature controls. Hot and cold foot tubs date back thousands of years in Asian societies. If you have a job that requires long hours of standing, these simple little devices can deliver a large dose of relaxation.

Aural Relaxation Recordings

Sometimes, all it takes to eliminate mental and bodily stress is the sound of music, natural noises, or a soothing human voice. Some of the best-selling audio downloads in this category combine a human guide with background sounds of ocean waves, wind, and soft music. There are thousands of offerings, so take time to find one or two recordings that work for you.


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