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 What Damages Are Available in A Personal Injury Case?

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How Personal Injury Happens

Personal Injury Case: Most personal injury accidents happen due to negligent, careless, and reckless behavior. Unfortunately, and in some instances, it is not the person being negligent who becomes injured. When you receive personal injuries from a negligent person (s), or company, it triggers a feeling of being overwhelmed, anxious, and confused about what your next step should be, aside from becoming well again. Injuries occur to those unsuspecting souls acting responsibly and taking care of their actions in the workplace or while driving on the road. You can get more information with the help of the following content be unique.

Ways Personal Injury Accidents Happen

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Burns
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Public transportation
  • Chemical spills
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Bike accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Medical Malpractice injuries

Some person, person (s), or company was negligent in their actions and caused you to get injured. Perhaps someone caused the death of your loved one, and you need some compensation to help pay for end-of-life expenses for that loved one. No one asks for a personal injury to happen. However, these accidents happen in significant numbers to unexpected individuals every day because someone was not paying attention.

Personal injury accidents happen unexpectedly and sometimes in unique circumstances. Unexpected personal injuries can cause a lifestyle change forever and present a significant financial impact that you never knew existed, such as but not limited to,

  • Mounting of medical bills
  • A possible loss of wages due to inability to work
  • A loss of personal property
  • Weeks, months, and possibly years of hospital stays, surgery, medicine, therapy, travel expenses, and more.

Damages Available in Personal Injury Cases

First off, North Carolina is a no-fault state, which is confusing and is why you need a seasoned attorney assigned to your accident state. While NC is a no-fault state, it is also an at-fault state. This legal jargon means that NC recognizes contributory negligence by assigning accident fault when someone seeks damages due to another person’s negligence.

Comparative Negligence or a Tort Law

North Caroline law states that the victim probably cannot recover damages from the guilty party if they are partially at fault for the accident. Other states say the victim can recover some of these accident costs if they are partially at fault for the accident. However, the court in some states weighs the fault that each party played in the accident to determine compensation. These states consider percentage amounts of the responsibility, and usually, the victim must be found 50 percent or less at fault.

Asheville, North Carolina, in conjunction with other states across America, may consider the following damages that you can recover in a personal injury case. The amount of your settlement depends mainly on the severity of your injuries and losses. For this reason, it is vital to keep all receipts of money paid out of your pocket related to your accident.

In North Carolina, personal injury damages are divided into different damages, which are as follows.

Economic or Special Damages Can Include the Following

  • Economic damages payout beginning from the day and time of your accident to the present time and calculates into the future depending on your injuries.
  • Medical bills such as emergency room bills, hospital stays, ambulance services, lab work, x-rays, imaging services, all doctor visits
  • Loss of income or job
  • Property damage
  • All out of pocket expenses related to your accident such as medications, drugs, durable medical equipment, rental cars, transportation costs to and from medical visits, parking fees, and any other expenses related to your accident
  • Therapies
  • Rehabilitation services

Non-economic and General Damages

These damages cannot be measured, nor can you get a receipt for these damages. Not every personal injury case can claim these damages. These damages depend on the severity of your injuries, your pain and suffering, the level of emotional distress your accident caused you.

  • Pain and suffering
  • For example, emotional distress must have documentation by a licensed mental health professional that you have any of the following diagnoses, such as but not limited to PTSD, depression, negativity, or anxiety.
  • Loss of quality of life, meaning that you cannot enjoy life as you did before your accident, either in the workplace or socially.
  • You are no longer able to provide for your family.

Punitive Damages

These damages are awarded and decided by the court. If the negligent person is found to have been extremely careless in their actions, the court may reward you with special compensation on top of your financial settlement amount. Punitive damages can also entail possible jail time on top of fines for the guilty.

Contact us to Obtain Compensation that Pays for Personal Injuries

Why should you, the victim of someone’s negligent actions, pay the costs? You need an advocate to help you and your family through this time of upheaval and grief. The only thing you should be responsible for is following the doctor’s orders, resting, and healing.

It would be best if you never worried about accumulating medical bills, loss of income, and the inability to pay for your essentials, such as and certainly not limited to a mortgage, rent, car payments, food, and more, to live day by day.

This Asheville, North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Lakota R. Denton wants to hear your story. If we feel you have a good compensation case related to personal injury, we will fight for your victim’s rights. There will be an extensive list of damages available to you if you suffered a personal injury because of a negligent person.

Not all personal injuries need an attorney. Your insurance company can settle small cases involving personal injury. I can help you file your claims and guide you through this process if this is your situation. Our attorney does not charge a fee for this initial consultation, nor do we charge a fee if you do not win your compensation case. However, we do not take a personal injury case that we believe we cannot win for you.

If you sustained severe injuries in an accident that was not your fault, you need me by your side because these cases are severe, complex, and complicated. I want you to get the compensation you deserve. Never fight an extreme injury claim by yourself. Call us as soon as possible after your accident. Time is of the essence.

The person who hurts you will have attorneys by their side, and you will never win your case fairly or justly without hiring an attorney to protect your rights. My goal is always to see that you are well compensated for your injuries, pain, suffering, income, medical bills past, present, future.

You have a responsibility to get well again. We will work hard to pursue fair and just compensation for your injuries, pain, suffering, and loss.


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