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What to Expect When Getting Lip Fillers

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Lip fillers have become increasingly popular over the last decade, and it’s not hard to see why. For a relatively low cost, you can give your lips a boost of fullness that helps tie your whole appearance together. If you’ve never had them before, though, you might struggle to make that first appointment. After all, you don’t know how stressful, lengthy, and painful it will be. For those who are ready to get lip fillers for the first time, put your mind at ease by reading on for what to expect.

To Be Asked About Your Medical History

Before you receive any sort of lip injections, you will first be asked about your medical history. It’s important to be completely honest here, as you don’t know whether an illness or medication may interfere with the lip injections. If you get cold sores, for example, your doctor/nurse will want to know, as the fillers could result in an outbreak, and they’d want to take precautions against that. By being open and honest with your med spa, there’s more chance of your treatment going smoothly.

To Receive Numbing Cream

Don’t worry – it’s unlikely the doctor or nurse will provide the injections without some numbing cream beforehand, which greatly decreases the amount of pain. It might feel cold and tingly, but it won’t be unpleasant, and it helps ensure the experience is as comfortable as possible.

Pre-Injection Nerves

Nerves are ordinary before any medical procedure, even one as quick as lip injections. It’s important to help yourself relax, though, as you don’t want to stress while sitting in the chair! Try some simple breathing exercises to relax your body and mind. Bringing a friend along is also helpful, as they can squeeze your hand and talk to you if you’re particularly nervous.

A Little Pain

Like any injection, there will be a little pain. As long as your nurse or doctor applied enough numbing cream and gave it time to settle, though, this shouldn’t be anything more than a slight prick. The thought of the pain is usually worse than how it feels! If the idea of any pain scares you, consider taking a stress ball with you to squeeze while receiving the filler.

A Lot of Swelling

One of the biggest worries of people getting their first lip fillers is that they will look too unnatural and obvious. The truth is, the first filler you get won’t make a drastic difference to your appearance – just enough to help you gain some confidence. When you first walk out of the clinic, though, you will notice swelling, which may make you think you have more filler than you do. It will reduce over several days; after the third day, you’ll be able to see the proper result.

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To Want More Filler

After getting lip filler, expect to want more soon after. Once you see just how beautifully enhanced your lips can be, you’ll probably be tempted to schedule another appointment as soon as possible! Remember, though, that less is sometimes more, and it’s a good idea to take things slow when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

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