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3 Problems That Eyelid Surgery Can Fix

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Eyelid Surgery: Did you know that eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) was the third most popular cosmetic surgery in 2020, with well over 350,000 successful procedures?

Despite its overwhelming popularity growth in recent years, it’s still not quite the household name that the tummy tuck or facelift may be.

So, let’s start with the obvious questions: 1) What is blepharoplasty and 2) How can it help you? Simply put, it is a procedure where the surgeon addresses the patient’s cosmetic issues in the eyelids and eye area.

These problems could include…

1. Drooping Eye Lids

People that reach the age of 40 or beyond may notice an irritating little trend. The eyelid skin may seem to lose its elasticity. This can lead the lid to start drooping. You may notice this slowly starting to happen. Or one day you may notice it Health SAF. A lot of people have done the latter recently.

A blepharoplasty procedure can help you fix this issue and solve any drooping or sagging issues.

2. A Permanently Fatigued Appearance

Have you noticed that the youthful glow is gone from your eyes? Do people tell you that you look tired, even when you feel fine?

The sagging or drooping in the eyes that we mentioned earlier can do more than me you look older—they can make you look tired and run down. And this can hurt your self-esteem, while making you feel older and less lively.

That’s why an eyelid lift surgery can help you look and feel younger. You will look revitalized and you will feel energized.


3. Fine Lines or Wrinkles

If you’re dealing with more wrinkles than you like, your first instinct may be to look into a facelift procedure to tighten things up. However, if your eyes are your main area of concern, you might be happier with the results of an eyelift procedure. It gives your eyes a far more targeted and eye-focused procedure. On the other hand, a facelift would give you better wrinkle reduction results on the lower two-thirds of your face.

Your surgeon will expertly make tiny incisions to remove the unwanted skin and fatty tissue in the area. The tools and techniques being used today are leading to some truly striking eyelift before and after photos and incredible results. You can take a few years off of your appearance in a couple of hours, with a relatively short recovery period.

The modern techniques being used today also give you a revitalized look, without any obvious signs that you’ve had surgery. It will simply look like you had a very relaxing vacation, or like you caught up on your sleep recently.

Is the blepharoplasty procedure right for you? It certainly could be. Most of the patients that undergo the surgery have nothing but fantastic things to say about it. However, it’s a big decision and you should definitely reach out to a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss all of your options in full.

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