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How can I make my Face Glow?

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If you have mixed oily skin, you probably know how difficult it is to keep your makeup intact without your face starting to shine or melt the entire base, right? We understand you! And let’s tell you that absorbent paper is not enough or add thousands of layers of powder. The key is to have a good skin regimen and supplement it with these makeup tips so that your face glow very effectively.

Use a matte primer

The first step that you can not skip if your face tends to glow over the hours, as its effect improves the appearance of pores and increases the duration of makeup. We recommend that you choose those with matting properties to get a velvety smooth fabric in front of the base or concealer.

Apply milk of magnesia

This type of makeup is applied so that your face does not shine beneficial (but not for everyday makeup or for skin that tends to dry on certain parts of the face). It is to put on a thin layer of milk of magnesia before the base, wait for it to dry and continue with the following steps.

Why does it work? Milk of Magnesia absorbs shine, refines pores and empties. The condition is to use it only occasionally. We want to make our makeup intact for hours more often in cases where the skin is so oily.


Use a light base

So that the base does not appear pasty or fade during the day due to excess oil, which makes your face shine more, the secret of makeup is to use a light, very opaque and long-lasting formula. Also, the idea is to apply a little with a sponge and mix on one side so that it is naturally perfect. It’s also a great makeup tip to make it look like you don’t have a base. Besides this, an eyelash extention can also help you enhance your beauty, you can check Paris Lash Academy if you are looking for a wide variety of eyelash extensions.

 Say yes to rice powder

Rice powder brightens, modifies and smooths the skin at the same time, making it our best tip for combination skin or oily skin so that you can remove shine from the face. Use it in its loose version in areas with brightness and mix very well in light layers when applying the milk of the magnesia tip. Otherwise, use it as a pastry to check the “pan” effect daily.

And be careful, if you go over the powder (or use compacts), you’ll notice the wrinkles and imperfections more strongly with the oils your face gives off. Be careful!

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Makeup fixer is a must

You can’t fail to seal everything you’ve made and kept it in place from morning till night. Plus, a good splash makes the skin look fresher and healthier. Remember to apply it 6-8 inches away from your face and choose the ones that provide a matte finish when the glow dominates your face.

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